Our students reaffirm the quality  and professionalism of FUSION DENTAL.




Dr. Oscar Alcazar. Lima, Peru.  

This course gave me a better vision of the treatments I can deliver to my patients. It also changes a few paradigms about implant placement near the maxillary sinus.(2015)

Dr. Walter Carbajal. Indiana, USA

I really enjoyed Dr. Pardo’s implant training program. I got to place implants, bone grafts on live patients, 10 implants total. I feel I gained more experience and confidence in implant placement and doing it safely. The staff and the facility were very helpful and hospitable. I highly recommend this course if you want to start placing your own implants or if you want to advance your skills. (2015)

Dr. Alberto Zuñiga. Lima, Peru.

This course was really great to have more confidence during surgery. Amazing team of profesionals. (2015)

Dr. Ellie Pakmehr, Iran/Australia.

Honestly it was the best hands on course I have ever attended! From the start Dr. Francisco was really helpful and welcoming. I have been to other theory courses about implants and did not pick up anything compared to the one-day lecture we had here. Dr. Francisco made it sound quite easy! I loved the way we were paired up with someone so assisting was quite involving for the assistant as well. I would definitely recommend the course!! (2015)

Dr. Sirisha Penmetcha. Melbourne, Australia.

Best course on implants I have attended so far. Gained lots of hands-on experience and confidence to continue with implant placement in my private practice. Excellent team and great working environment. There are not many courses out there that cater for different levels of experience and tailor made such as this one. (2015)

Dr. Ravi Alluri. Melbourne, Australia.

I highly recommend the course for any dentist who wants to start implant placement and expand their basic skills. Both the supervisors and the supporting staff are very patient and helpful. (2015)

Fabricio Hinojosa. Lima, Peru.

All the information was put in a way it was easy to understand, learn and execute during this course. This will make my treatments in my practice improve from now on. (2014)

Dr. Brian Snyder. FL, USA.

It was a “home run”! Would highly recommend it. He and his staff, family and patients were wonderful. It was well worth the trip from the USA. (2014)

Dr. Evelyn Clemente. FL, USA.

An excellent course that teaches both, the broad concepts and specific techniques required to safely and confidentially incorporate implantology into a general practice.

This course had definitely been the most valuable training I have received and without doubt had the greatest impact on my future as a dentist. The facilities are exceptional as well as the equipment. The course is completely comprehensive and builds up confidence and I can honestly say that is now within my comfort zone and implants will be a service that I can provide to my patients.

Great experience from start to finish. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to incorporate implants weather it be prosthetics or surgical into their practice. Dr. Pardo is an outstanding clinician and instructor. (2014)